450W Air Cooler Controller BLDC Motor Driver

100W-450W BLDC Motor Driver, Build-in Full Protection for Home and Commercial Use High Efficiency Air cooler.

Product SeriesMA0450
Working Voltage180-270VAC 50/60Hz
Driveable Motor Powerup to 450W
Input Current0-2.1A
Control MethodFOC Sine-Wave Vector Control
Type of MotorInner Rotor(Customizable)
Rated Speed1440RPM
ProtectionOver Current Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Locked Rotor Protection, Overload Protection, Phase Loss Protection, 3-Phase Current Imbalance Protection(output), Start Failure Protection, Undervoltage Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Overheating Protection, Communication Fail Protection

Product Highlights

  • Input Voltage: 180-270Vac
  • Rated Current: 2.1A
  • Applicable Motor Power: Up to 450W
  • Speed: Up to 1440RPM
  • Closed-Loop Starting without Position Sensor
  • Non-Inductive FOC Motor Control Algorithm to Achieve low motor noise.
  • Energy Efficient: Accurate frequency adjustment and real-time voltage compensation algorithms make the motor work efficiently.
  • Built-in comprehensive protection to avoid any damage or safety risks (refer to specification for details).
  • Input undervoltage protection


  • Ambient Temperature: -20℃ ~ 50℃;
  • Storage temperature: -20°C ~ 85°C;
  • Working humidity: 50% ~ 90%;
  • Dimension: R50.5xH40mm
  • Weight: 395g.