Inverter Air Conditioner Compressor Controller

The variable frequency compressor driver used in DC 24V power system is based on ARM+DSP core control. This product adopts FOC variable frequency control algorithm to make its compressor work reliably.

Product SeriesLSMD0150W24V
Operating Voltage24V (18-30V)
Rated Current5A
Driveable Motor Power150W Max
Rated Motor Speed3000RPM/Min


  • Efficient harmonic injection and soft start function make the compressor start reliably
  • Non-inductive FOC motor control algorithm, so that the motor noise is small
  • Accurate frequency adjustment and real-time voltage compensation algorithm support make the compressor work more efficiently
  • Industrial-grade IC design, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable performance.
  • Low speed high torque start
  • Input voltage protection
  • Input Undervoltage protection
  • Motor phase loss protection
  • Non-inductive FOC motor algorithm, more stable operation;
  • Low EMC radiation, easily certified
  • Multiple protection functions, product use is safer
  • High temperature frequency reduction work, protect the safe and reliable work of compression

Description of Work Status

Connect to the power supply and enter the working state;

  1.  After a delay of 1S, the compressor starts to a soft start, and after 1S, the compressor will work at full load.
  2. The controller requires only the external connection between the power line and the compressor connection terminal (UVW), no indicator light and reset switch, and the power supply motor starts and does not stop.
  3. The motor speed is constant at 3000rpm.
  4. When the output power of the controller is >115W, it is judged that the ambient temperature is too high, and the frequency reduction mode is adopted to keep the compressor current at 115W.
  5. When the compressor speed is less than 2250rpm, in order to avoid the compressor stall, turn off the compressor.
  6. Compressor restart protection function, when the motor is running, if it stops due to failure, the compressor will start again after a delay of 3 minutes.


  • Ambient Temperature: -25℃ ~ 65℃;
  • Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C;
  • Working humidity: 5% ~ 90%;
  • Dimension: 85*48*35mm;
  • Weight: 100g.

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